Available courses

A study in how to be a person of character with an excellent spirit.

The Courts of Heaven is a fully-developed, fully-functioning court system in heaven where the children of God (saints) are represented by a heavenly Advocate (Jesus) and can present their case, face their Accuser(s) hear the charges against them, offer repentance, enter a pleas, and receive a verdict from God the Supreme Judge, and can find increased relief, freedom, and breakthrough from Satanic and demonic accusation, attack, harassment, hindrance interference, intimidation, opposition, oppression, resistance, schemes, strategies, and/or torment.

Courts of Heaven will involve training on accessing the Courts of Heaven and having verdicts rendered on our behalf.

An in-depth study on The Great Cloud of Witnesses and how they are valuable in the Courts of Heaven.

In this course we will examine covenant, how to function in the courtroom, statute of limitations, and resting your case.

This course  will be exposing the pitfalls of misusing the anointing, deception, and protection from the false.

During the study of this course we will explore various regions of captivity and how we are held in captivity.  the spirit of Abaddon will be explored.

We will examine how and why our soul is in captivity and how we can free our soul from captivity.